About Us


ARPHost, LLC. has been in business since 2015. However we started years ago in a computer shop called Shell-Box Computers on Indian Rocks beach. We started building websites and hosting them at Liquidweb in 1996. Now we host them in a partner companies Data Center Hivelocity, Inc. On our own servers in our own racks. Hivelocity has great bandwidth and we offer a great hosting service. We have also been coming up with custom solutions for over 25 years so reach out if you need help.

  • Open source solutions since 2000
  • Linux, Unix, BSD, Windows, and Mac OS experience.
  • Web Hosting Solutions for large and small websites.
  • Dedicated server solutions scaling from one rack to many rack.
  • High Availability solutions like Kubernetes clusters.
  • Hyper converged Virtual Server infrastructures like Proxmox and VMWare. 
  • Blockchain solutions from Masternode to Validator node.
  • Virtual PBX and VOIP Phone solutions.
If you can think of it we have probably touched it or at least looked at the technology. Even if we have not ever seen it we will take a look to learn something new that could be helpful in the future. Technology, Servers, and Hosting is ARPHost, LLC.'s life.

If you need help cleaning your website, If you are looking for a new Hosting provider, or just need help with your IT Services email us our open a support ticket. We cannot always help but we will try to point you in the right directions. Thanks for stopping by and taking the time to read this.


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